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Recent blog posts

In the previous two sections of this series, Visualbee carefully picked up some of the most noteworthy examples of great presentations and we are back here with some more. These high impact presentations are not just beautifully presented, but their message comes across very clearly with the help of great figurines. If you too want presentations that make an impression on your audience, then you might want to take inspiration from these astounding examples:

All consultants are EVIL:

Here is a splendid example of a fun and engaging presentation which people are sure to remember. A very cool WAKSTER Limited presentation, this one does not fail to grab the viewer’s attention. Some people think all consultants are evil and they offer a lot of reasons why. This presentation takes a humorous look at some of the reasons to why people hate consultants and then makes suggestions on how to recognize the consultants that can actually make a difference. The expressions from the figures are amazing but the positioning of the text on the slides makes the slides and the story even stronger.

Social Media strategy:

Here is a phenomenal use of images to explain the concept of social media strategy. A very inspiring example of a well done presentation, it is an excellent introduction to social media channels. Visualbee too aims at providing an amazing explanation of your concepts through a nicely built presentation. With big self-explanatory pictures and minimal text, this presentation interests the audience with its visuals. 

Simplify your future:

This presentation is simple and effective and doesn’t fail to leave a mark. With just 13 slides, this presentation gives audience the key to simplifying the future. The background images and color contrasted text used gives the presentation a peaceful touch.

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So here were a few more examples of high-impact presentations to help you stir your creativity. Focus on your presentation and content and leave the designing up to Visualbee as we will bring life to your presentation and make them just as amazing as these ones. Keep watching this space for more great examples.

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PowerPoint presentations are one of the best ways to support a speech, visualize concepts or direct attention on a particular subject. However, a bad presentation can result in the opposite. Badly designed slides with too much text or bad graphics can distract or worse, annoy the audience. Since Visualbee is dedicated to the cause of improving the design on your slides, we bring you a short guide that will help you design presentations with a professional look and concise content:

Make original slides:

Do not copy your slides from different sources on the internet. Try to make the design very basic and simple and pick an easy to read font. Carefully select font sizes for headers and text. Remember to add highlights, such as images or flow charts, etc. Beautify your presentation narrowly but nicely. Don’t let the design overshadow your message.


A well-prepared and enthusiastic speech will help you to get to your audience. There are a few things that need to be considered for a good presentation. Be thorough with your slides and speak freely. Be confident, loud and clear. Don’t speak too fast and maintain eye contact with the audience. Also remember to dress appropriately. Business formal wear is always appropriate to wear.


Keep IStraight and Simple. Mention keywords only. Remember that your slides are only there to support, not to replace your speech. Explain your data and only highlight keywords through your slides. If you read your slides, the audience will get bored and stop listening.

Add Images

Have more images in your slides than text. But do not use images to decorate! Images can be used to complement your message. Use images to visualize your presentation. A picture can say more than a thousand words. Tools like Visualbee understand exactly how to use images to enhance a PowerPoint presentation. Animations too can also prove to be powerful tools to explain concepts. A good animation can make the message stick with your audience.

Don’t be silly and focus on your target:

Use animations and media sparingly. Use animations to clarify a model or emphasize an effect. Your target that is your audience, defines the content of your presentation. For example, you won’t be able to teach school kids about the complicated matters of economy. However, you may be able to explain what economy is in the first place and why it is important.

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How To Make a Successful Presentation

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A successful presentation is one with influential and excellent information that people can benefit from in the future. A good presentation can be used to attract clients, build business relationships or secure investments. A successful presentation enlightens the audience properly, answers the spectators’ questions and guides them towards a suitable decision. While tools like Visualbee can go a long way in helping you take care of the aesthetics of your presentation slides, It is not difficult to give a successful presentation provided you know just the right tricks. Here, we have some ways for you to make your presentation a hit:

·       Anticipate your audience’s reaction: 

How might they react to your subject content or your views? Foresee their questions and frame answers ahead of time to help you feel more comfortable and prepared. We’ve all heard the old saying that people fear public speaking more than death. Public speaking skills can be incredibly helpful to your presentation while answering your audience and facing them. Learn what your audience already knows about. You should know how much does your audience already know about your topic? Prepare your content and language to the same level.

·       Be clear and determine how long your presentation should be:

Shorter is always better than long. Consider how much time you need to explain yourself and keep this in mind as you go about your presentation. Clearly characterize the presentation main aim. What do you want the audience to go home with at the end of your presentation / speech?  Gain and hold their attention to the fullest. Think of good ways to make your presentation interactive and interesting.

·       Manage your time:

Place handouts and the sign-in sheet on a table near the entry so that the audience can easily access them. Begin Presentation on time. Watch the clock or appoint someone to do so for you. Give scheduled breaks as planned. Keep the presentation to a respectful time, as not to overwhelm the audience with too much information and take up too much of their time.

·       PowerPoint Presentation:

Create a visual presentation, since people always remember information that is accompanied by visuals. Use slides to explain your content. Limit the points on each slide to two or three facts.  Use charts and graphs to highlight important figures and trends. Use charts and graphs clearly and provide sources for your references.

Take care of the first three points and we are here to look after the fourth one. Visualbee can transform your presentation in a single click. Be clear with these few points and your presentation is definitely going to be a successful one.

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Presentation Tips Part 2: Visualbee Selection

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In our second part of the Presentation Tips series, we look at some important behavioural aspects of how can you best emphasize the key points of your presentation so that your audience hears, digests and remembers your message? What are you doing to ensure that your listeners remember the right parts of your presentation?

Picture yourself delivering a presentation to your management team, a proposal to the evaluation committee or instructions to your staff. They aren't hanging on your every word. However, when you present your key points - you want people to listen, believe and remember your message. Here are some tips that can help you bring out the impact you need.

1. Announce, "This is important." Then deliver the important line. Teachers grab attention by saying, "This will be on the exam." You could state, "Dont ignore this tip."

2. Pause, just before, and after, you say the important point. This is similar to placing quotation marks around the important line. 

3. Deepen the tone of your voice to increase the believability. 

4. Make them laugh just before, then get serious and deliver the important message. This is a good attention getter and very helpful when you want to change directions.  When your listeners laugh they open their minds and are more willing to accept new information.

5. Move just before you speak - then stand still while delivering the important message. This is especially effective if you pace or move a lot when you speak. Stand still when you deliver the important words. Your audience can't listen to your words if they are busy watching you move.

6. Look your audience in the eye - never read the important message. If you have to read it - then it looks like you don't really know your message or believe it. Know your message, rehearse it and deliver it directly to your audience.

7. Smile. Your audience will believe you more when you smile during your presentation.  They listen with their eyes and ears. Be friendly to the eyes and the ears of your audience. If they don't like what they see - they won't listen.

8. Tell a story of how this lesson was learned or applied. The earliest presentations were stories told by our cave-dwelling ancestors. The story lessons were remembered. If only more teachers and professors of today remembered the wisdom of our ancestors. Folks love stories. They hate lectures. Just ask your kids.

9. Repeat your main message three times during your presentation. If you want it remembered - repeat it and repeat it again. The first time they weren't listening. The second time they caught part of it and the third time they might hear it and remember it. 

10. Reinforce the key message with images. Your listeners retain images better than words. Attach your presentation messages to word pictures, visuals and body language.

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Getting Started With Your Presentation

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Is today a day where you’ve just been told that you’re doing a presentation a few days from now. So, you fire up PowerPoint and start making slides. Don’t do it–step away from the keyboard and no one gets hurt.

Start thinking about the presentation—an analysis step first. This is the most crucial step if you want to end up with a high-impact presentation. Also, failure here is how we get presentations that would be great if given to a different audience, presentations with no “flow,” and presenters who leave their audiences wondering why they care.

There are lots of tools you can use for this step—experiment and decide what works but stay away from PowerPoint for the time being. Used appropriately, PowerPoint is fine as a presentation delivery tool, but it’s a lousy tool for this analysis step. For me, the most common tool here is just a piece of paper and a pencil. I divide the paper into three columns and write one word at the top of each column—one for each of the three things every presenter needs to consider:

  1. Audience
  2. Purpose
  3. Message



At this stage make no attempt organize what you write beyond just categorizing your thoughts into the above three areas. In each area there are specific things that need to be considered and the good news is that although every presentation has to be different, the questions to ask yourself in the analysis are virtually constant.

So, the next time you find that you’re going to do a presentation, step away from the keyboard. Get some paper, a whiteboard, a pad of sticky notes… or whatever you find works. Do the analysis and, in the end, your audience will thank you.

Tools like Visualbee will always help you build good looking presentations. This is why we got into business, to help you spend most of your time in analysis and planning your presentation as opposed to being flustered by how its going to look. 

So go ahead, make that presentation and share it with us on this page so that our users can learn from your learnings.


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One of the most  important things to learn in your life – especially if you want to influence people and bring them in sync with your vision is to create a great presentation. Presentations that WOW the audience and leave them with important thoughts are the crux of any foundation of leadership.

How can you ensure that everyone is engaged, passionate and WoWed by your presentations?  Here are some easy tips that can help you prepare each time before your big moment. 

    1. Know your audience  

      The audience is the king.  They have come to learn from you, but in order for your message to resonate it has to be relevant.

    2. Preparation is Key 

      No matter how professional and experienced you are you must know your content inside and out.  Once you understand your audience, find out more about their demographic and weave that into your presentation. 

    3. Connect

      A moving or funny story, a connection to the association or group you are speaking to, a mention of the city or company is always engaging.  Find a way to connect.  Always remember why would someone sit up and WANT to listen. Be interactive with your audience as appropriate. 


  1.  Show Your Passion & Enthusiasm

    If you are not passionate about your topic, don’t present.  You must show emotion and be passionate.  If the topic you’ve chosen or have been given is simply boring, mix in a relevant story or anecdote.  If you are tired, do five minutes of aerobic activity and deep breathing prior to starting.

  2.  Q&A

    If time permits always end with at least two or three questions.  The most important thing about Q&A – repeat the question!  This not only insures the audience hears the question, but more importantly it lets you hear the question once again to insure you answer the question. 


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In addition to this, make sure that you have a great design on your slide that talks with images more than anything else. The beauty of using a plugin like Visualbee is the fact that you can focus on points like the one’s mentioned above instead of wasting hours over your presentation.

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The first part of this article, as you must have already seen, had some very inspirational and instigating PowerPoint presentations. With the help of a powerful tool such as Visualbee you too will be able to create such simple and clear, yet impactful PowerPoint slides. The trick to create such great presentations is to understand how to engage your listeners, keep them focused, and use the right visual imagery to convey your message which you can easily do with the help of Visualbee.

Here are a few more examples of great PowerPoint presentations which you can create too by means of Visualbee: 

The Future of Work

Here is an example of a praiseworthy amazing explanation through a nicely built presentation. An educational presentation that explains how technology is changing the way people work together, this slide grabs the audience attention with the use of great imagery, less content and more visual graphics. The smart play of fonts and images makes the presentation a highly notable one. With the use of such relevant and eye catching bold colours and imagery, visualbee helps you create brilliant visual presentations.

Arveticast Second Life for Business

The makers of this presentation have proved their credibility with this slideshow. A well-organised and insightful slideshow, this one definitely deserves a thumbs up. An overview to Second Life for businesses, which was presented in an arveticast, this presentation makes use of attractive graphics to enlighten their audience with the concept of second life to businesses.

ABC of Success

This collection of slides looks like an expert designer’s work but it is truly nothing but a clever use of pictures. The slides contain a simple font and striking images which very clearly give out the message that one shouldn’t wait everything is right and we will always have challenges and obstacles in life. With each step we take, we will grow stronger, more skilled, more self-confident and more successful. With a wise collection of words and photographs, the creator Abhishek Shah has made a noteworthy motivational PowerPoint presentation. Visualbee helps you do this by adding images to your slides that add volume to your message.

Creating a great PowerPoint is simpler than you think. You don't need to be a professional designer, writer or orator to come up with an attention-grabbing presentation. With the aid of Visualbee, you can easily capture an audience's focus through an incredible presentation.

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How to Create High Impact Presentations

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PowerPoint is a tool designed for blending text and images to design enthralling and inspiring presentations. But, not most people are acquainted with the skills and knowledge required to make perfect PowerPoint presentations. If you want to give your presentation to be an effective one, here are a few helpful ideas to help you find out what goes into the science of engaging your audience with your slides: 

Begin with something extraordinary and get your audience attention in the first few seconds: 

Begin your PowerPoint presentation with something unique. Present your audience with something they are not expecting. Surprise them! But make sure that your viewers understand why you commenced in an unusual way through your slides. Get the audience’s attention in the first few seconds.  The biggest challenge in a presentation is getting the audience’s attention and appraisal. This can involve the ultimate acceptance of the idea you are putting forth. Grab their attention by awakening them with something unique and unexpected

Put forth your information using flowcharts, graphs, pie charts and bullets:

Remember, less is more in a PowerPoint presentation. Too much content on one single slide becomes unreadable and boring, particularly when it is displayed on a big screen for a huge crowd. . Organise your content in the form of bullets. Putting your information in bullets adds overall impact to your presentation. However, remember to not make your bullets too lengthy and contrast the text with the background colours. Use flowcharts in your presentation as it brings life to an otherwise boring topic. Flowcharts, bar graphs, pie charts and other such graphics never fail to grab people’s attention.


Use good images and photography:


Photography is one of the best ways to make your PowerPoint presentation look more attractive. Try to use minimal images from clipart as they are used very often and can be pretty boring. The “business people on white background” used to look nice once upon a time, but it is now overrated and clichéd. A picture being on a white background doesn’t mean it is a good photo. Stop using awkward and unclear photography on your slides just to have something to put on. No image is better than a bad image. Images should not be pixelated, out of focus or too dark.

Use solid and bold colours:

A fancy image or custom background is not always needed to make a presentation look professional. Using a strong palette of solid colours can make for a dynamic presentation. Using very plain design but bold colours can help make a great presentation. The key is to be careful about your colour choice. Something too bright can blow the audience’s eyes out and something too dull can make the audience fall asleep. Use contrast in your secondary colour. Tools like visualbee give your slides an attractive look by using a great colour palette.

Visualbee uses all such ideas and helps you create more lively presentations. A powerful tool like Visualbee automatically adds life to your originally dull presentations. By putting in minimal efforts, you can get remarkable outcomes with your PowerPoint presentations. So, start using Visualbee and sophisticated and astounding presentations are just a click away. 

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A lot of people are doing some amazing things with Visualbee by their side. When it comes to presentations, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got a blog post about the great things that people are saying about Visualbee. But this post is concerned with bringing to you a few good examples of Visualbee in action.

If you’ve followed our blog post on how to use Visualbee with Powerpoint, you will now need to see the amazing things that our customers are doing with Visualbee. 

The first example is a presentation by Slideshare user Ben Kepes . We picked this slide deck because eits a great way to see what a presentation looks like before and after you use Visualbee to enhance it.

The link is the presentation before Visualbee is applied to it. In this scenario, note how each slide has well defined points that detail some of the facts that the presenter wants to bring forward. 

Now note how the presentation has been brought to life after the application of Visualbee here. Each slide is much more engaging because it creates a context for the conversation that the presenter is trying to have with the audience. 

The second example we can look at is by Slideshare user nunngera. This slide deck is a finished presentation that has already been enhanced by Visualbee.

If you go through this slide deck, you will notice how the images are clearly defined so as to bring the text to life. Communication in this case has been clearly enhanced.

Another example that is a striking use case of Visualbee is by Slideshare user jova999. The presentation as you can see below is about increasing monetizing opportunities present in the non-profit sector. 

As you can clearly see, the slide deck is heavy on images and representation. The images picked by Visualbee help in bringing out the strong and fact based inferences that the presenter is gathering from months of research. Visualbee helped with the design to make this presentation seem much more engaging for the audience.


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When we started Visualbee, we did it to overcome a common problem that many of us unknowingly suffer from. Not being able to design slides the way they need to be designed.

We built Visualbee to be a bridge between the knowledge you possess and the way you represent that knowledge. Many of our users’ slides can be seen on Slideshare and in this post, we wanted to talk about some of the great reviews that we have received for our product.

In a PCMag review that went up a year ago, Jill Duffy from PCMag talks about us positively. We even managed to get a Good rating as far as downloading the plugin was concerned.

“Visually enhances PowerPoint presentations in a few clicks. Adds images to slides. Free version available. Software is a PowerPoint plug-in—accessible from  PowerPoint's interface” – We didn’t say it – PCMag did.

Another great review we found was that by m62, a website that helps people develop presentations. In their review, the write “The template designs available for you to choose from are definitely a cut above the native PowerPoint options and they are always being updated. Add to that the automatic addition of good-quality and context-sensible imagery, simple but constructive animation, and complementary colour schemes and fonts, and VisualBee packs a rather impressive punch for a very fast and simple program.”

Its use cases like these that give us the motivation to keep making Visualbee a great addition to your set of powerpoint tools.

Not only do we add images into your slides, Visualbee actually gives you a platform to create presentations that will keep your audience engaged, and help in creating high impact among your audience.

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If you have any comments or feedback on Visualbee, or any tips that can help our users use Visual bee in the best possible way, feel free to comment and help us improve your experience.

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All great creators, artists and leaders need inspiration. Today we decided to give you some, so that you can take your Visualbee experience to the next level. At Visualbee, we want your presentations to look great. If you see something that inspires you , with the aid of Visualbee, you can really take that inspiration to the next level and leave your audience floored. 

We looked all over the web for some great example to show you the extent of impact presentations can have when done right!

1.Shift Happens

This presentation relies heavily on design and images to push the message across. Using Visualbee’s image search feature, you can easily use the techniques used in this presentation to make a presentation that speaks a story and focuses on issues at hand. A good technique for presentations where one needs to reach out to the audience; more than putting out facts and figures. 

2.Romance: A BCG Analysis

An interesting slide deck from the Boston Consulting Group attempts to break down romantic relationships into data sets and predictive patterns. A very interesting outlook on how data can be represented visually to an audience

3.Investor Pitches that Win

This slide deck is great on image use and also helps you bring in some focus onto your presentation. It is a particularly useful structure to utilize when in need of giving product presentations and the likes. The heavy image use is something that Visualbee can help with, but its important to note the structure of organization. When using Visualbee ensure that the structure of your text is logically in place.

If you liked these three, you’re definitely going to like what we’ve got coming up for you in the next examples article. Stay tuned for better ways and inspiration to making using visualbee easier



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While we’ve certainly made it easier for you to create your presentations and make them high impact, there are still some things you need to remember when you’re making your presentations. 

We decided to take your visualbee experience to the next level  by scouring the web for great presentation tips that you can not only save you time, but also leaving your audience speechless. 

1.Try to ensure that your Powerpoint slide should have no more than 10 slides, last no longer than 20 minutes and have no text less than 30 point font. You need to spell out the important facts and be very quick to bring in context. This tip comes from the great Guy Kawasaki

2.Try to be as visual as possible, and use more images and abstracts to bring out your points. You can save the specifics in your notes section, and use them while you speak to your audience. But use images and facts in your presentations to leave a great context to your conversation with the audience

3.In his blog, Seth Godin mentions that it’s important to make sure that while making your presentation try not having more than six words on a slide. Additionally do not use images that are cheesy, try and use solid striking and professional images in your presentations. 

4.While making your slides, be sure that its You that’s speaking to your audience and not your slides. The reason why companies like Visualbee do what they do is to allow you to focus on whats important as opposed to spending as much time on your design as you do. 

5.Another point that come straight from Seth Godin is that try and use your images and visuals on slides to create stories. These stories combined with your facts and infographics will help your audience see complete value in your thoughts and plans. 

Whilke Visualbee helps its users transform the way their slides look, its usually the first and an important step that will give you the time and space to add that dash of context into your slides. We hope you use these tips to continue creating high impact presentations.



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Visualbee is very simple to use and can be a boon to your Powerpoint woes. This guide will show you how to use Visualbee to enhance your presentations.

You start off with putting down your slide content (text) in bullet points. Preferably precise and organized to begin with. Once you are done with this, clicking the Enhance Presentation button brings up different styles, categorised by different industries and artistic themes. As you may have noticed, we do have a paid version of Visualbee, however the free version still allows you to choose from a limited (but still varied) selection of styles, with the full range being unlockable upon upgrading to the premium or enterprise versions.

Once you've chosen your style, Visualbee very quickly converts all of your slides and provides a preview of what each one will look like. You can modify each enhanced slide by cycling through a few different layouts and by cycling through a images to illustrate the slide.

If you're happy with your results we would seriously recommend switching to the premium version. Once you're happy with the makeover, you can save the new presentation and continue editing it in Powerpoint if you want.
In case you're not particularly happy with the presentation that visulbee gives you, you could try a few things to make it better

• Try changing around the words or phrases you have used in your slides to more closely match generic searches for the same
• You could also use the Visualbee modified presentation as a platform to do much more with your slides, so once you have it, you could spend a lot more time to customize it to better suit your interests.
• You could also search Visualbee's database of images to custom select images and replace the ones Visualbee has found for you

We sincerely hope that Visualbee helps you in making better high impact presentation faster. If you still have any issues, please leave us some comments and we will be happy to guide you on improving your experience.

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Many people struggle with design on their MS Powerpoint slides. Whether it's a case of not being able to decide which images to start with, or getting your message across without getting too wordy – presentations end up taking hours with design that may not necessarily aid your presentation. Visualbee is small plugin for MS Powerpoint that does just that.

While there are enough resources on MS Powerpoint design on the web, some of which we really respect and follow; we do believe in more practical solutions. We believe that people need access to the power of design now, and that's why we designed Visualbee.

The system is fairly simple – you build a bunch of slides and put down your main points for each in bullets. Once you have filled in your slides with content, hit the Visualbee button in MS Powerpoint and you'll notice that Visualbee will make various requests to scan the text on your slides. This way it will look up its image database in our servers and affiliate servers to find images that suite keywords in your slides and strings of keywords.

In this way, Visualbee really helps in bringing in context to every image that it pulls up.

The most important point here is that it gives you a platform to create more. We noticed that some people just have trouble starting off their slides. Usually when they have something to start with, their ideas start flowing and get more contextual.

And in some cases people need help all through, which is why Visualbee gives you the option through and through, right from choosing themes to tweaking each image that pops up as a result of the keywords in your slides.
We would urge you to take a look at Visualbee in action on our Demo page You would like to try Visualbee you can get it here

More Reading on Visualbee


PC Mag

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A lot of you may have found this link after searching for ways to remove the 'Visualbee malware' or as others call it the Visualbee toolbar virus. Which is why we created this resource. While Visualbee does come bundled with the Visualbee toolbar if downloaded through a set of affiliates, a lot of the articles that describe the removal of this toolbar create a lot of paranoia around the toolbar itself.

To put everyone at rest, even if you have installed visualbee with the toolbar, there is a very straight-forward 3-4 step removal procedure that you can follow on (here's the link)

The below instructions will help you remove the toolbar for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, however for Internet Explorer you will need to go into the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and click on the Visualbee Toolbar. Once you have selected you can hit the Add/Remove Button to uninstall it.

Uninstall VisualBee extension from Chrome

• Uninstall VisualBee extension to remove it completely from the browser:
• Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
• Click Tools.
• Select Extensions.
• Click the trash can icon by the extension you'd like to completely remove.
• A confirmation dialog appears, click Remove.
• You can also temporarily turn off an extension by disabling it on the Extensions page.
Uninstall VisualBee extension from Firefox
• How to remove extensions and themes
• At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button, and then click Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
• In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions or Appearance panel.
• Select the add-on you wish to remove.
• Click the Remove button.
• Click Restart now if it pops up. Your tabs will be saved and restored after the restart.

To reset your home page and change your starting page settings for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, you might want to check out our detailed guide here. You might find it useful to follow the procedures along with the video guidelines we have provided on removing the Visualbee toolbar from your computer.

There is no question of getting into changes in registry and so on, because the Visualbee toolbar rarely makes any of these changes. Any changes made are at the browser level and can be easily rolled back.

Once you have removed the toolbar, you can reap the benefits of using Visualbee without any interruptions and can begin saving massive amounts of time while making your presentations. If you want to know more about using Visualbee you can take a look at our demo page or you could also take a look at this article, which will help you step by step

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