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Staring at the glow of your blank computer screen with no idea on how to open or start your presentation? We’ve all struggled with the best ways to open a presentation. But don’t worry, Visualbee is here to guide you through this problem. Here are 5 powerful ways to open a presentation:

Silence is Gold:

Most people won’t be able to pull this off very easily but during your next presentation, try to opt for silence. Speak a few words and then be quiet. Say a few more words then be quiet again. It is a very quick and easy way to own the room. But do remember to hold your composure.

Steer attention towards the Future or Past:

Use two simple statements:

-Prospective (looking to the future): “30 Years from now, your job won’t exist.”

-Retrospective (looking to the past): “In 1970, Japan owned 9% of the market. Today, they own 37%.”

The reality is that looking into the future or past always sparks engagement.

Quote a famous quote:

The easiest way to open a high impact presentation is simply to quote someone. Think about that last presenter you heard when they opened their presentation with a quote from Albert Einstein or Napoleon. A quote equals instant credibility.

Share Something Extraordinary:

Share an extraordinary story with the audience to generate interest. Engage your audience with a unique and interesting story.

Tell a Story

Here’s the amazing thing about presentations: If your presentation is based only on facts and statistics then your audience is going to react in one of two ways: 1) agree or 2) disagree. However, if you tell a story, your audience will interact with you. 

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Tools like Visualbee can go a long way in making your presentation look great, but there's only so much that looks can do. While getting the sensibility of your slides and associated imagery is important, you must also learnhow to plan and structure your presentation. Visualbee prescribes the below given points in order to organise your presentation for best results.

Step 1: Begin with your big message:

A big message is the main thing you want your audience to know about you and is the purpose of the presentation.  Commence with the big message to set you apart from other presenters and convince your audience you are there with them to share something important.

Step 2: Organize your content in 3 to 5 main topics:

If your PowerPoint presentation seems reasonable to the audience, they understand it better. So you need to organize your content in a coherent structure so it makes sense and organize into to 3 to 5 main topics for easier remembering and understanding. This way even if you talk really long and the audience forgets the details, they will still remember the main topics.

Step 3: Highlight your main ideas with visual illustrations:

We have mentioned again and again that pictures are always more memorable than words. When you need to use many words to explain one thing, it is better to use a picture to show what it is. If you are allowed to make the picture humorous, it will be even better. Visualbee highlights and supports your content with just the right pictures and designs.

Step 4:  Purge as much text as you can; your slides are a visual aid not a story book:

Good eye contact is the key of a successful PowerPoint presentation and one cannot maintain an eye contact with the audience if they are busy reading from the screen. Use only bullets and key words on your slides.

Step 5: Instead of printing the PowerPoint slides as handouts, create separate documents:

PowerPoint slides and documents have so many differences like backgrounds, fonts, etc. PowerPoint slides look good on screens but not on paper. It is better to create reader-friendly documents because people actually read them.

Step 6: Conclude your presentation by returning to your opening big message:

Once you are finished delivering content, repeat the big message you started with to remind your audience of the true purpose of the presentation. Also when you end where you began, your presentation has a flawless and satisfying quality of a good performance.

Step 7: Practice well before the presentation:

Practise can make your presentation look more professional. It is really difficult to do everything well at the first try. So practice some times and check you make good eye contact and speak conversationally. When you are practised, the presentation will seem more casual and easy going.

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While Visualbee can really help you add immense value to the design of your presentations, there are a number of other factors that go into making a high impact presentation. The below 6 points will help you focus on the right things. 

A big yet ideal idea:

Presenters usually spend too little time or no time at all thinking about what they want to say. Making a point or effectively conveying a message to your audience thinking and planning. To start your thinking process, research the topic you plan to present. This way you might find inspiring and solid statistics. After this try to consider your audience's needs and brainstorm ways to meet those needs.

Have a good presentation Structure:

After adjusting your presentation, build your presentation storyboard. Outline your presentation structure and think of the number of ways to present your information. Present your information as a story as this makes the whole process less daunting and stress-free.

Designing Slides:

For presentations, a very important rule is to present qualitative data with words and all quantitative data with numbers. Expressive charts make helpful visual guides for your presentations. Media like photos and videos are helpful visual elements in presentation. Try to avoid boring fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman in your presentation and instead use standout fonts such as Lobster Two and Alternate Gothic No. 2.

Put yourself in their shoes:

You may be a bit nervous while giving a presentation in front of a huge crowd. Use this simple trick: Picture yourself as holding the same role as your audience. Make note of the similarities you share with them instead of focusing on the differences. Talking to co-workers will increase your comfort level and make your presentation seem more natural and easy-going.

Control your voice

When people get nervous, their voice sounds high-pitched and uncertain. Avoid this by speaking from your chest instead. Nervous people also rush their words when speaking. But people with expert opinions speak more slowly so that the audience can process what they have to say. 

Avoid unnecessary out the filler:

Filler words such as “um,” “like,” and “ah” are the kiss of death for a good presentation. If you feel you may stumble, take a brief pause and decide what you’re going to say. The pause makes you look more thoughtful. It also gives you time to properly visualize and express what you need to say.

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In the previous two sections of this series, Visualbee carefully picked up some of the most noteworthy examples of great presentations and we are back here with some more. These high impact presentations are not just beautifully presented, but their message comes across very clearly with the help of great figurines. If you too want presentations that make an impression on your audience, then you might want to take inspiration from these astounding examples:

All consultants are EVIL:

Here is a splendid example of a fun and engaging presentation which people are sure to remember. A very cool WAKSTER Limited presentation, this one does not fail to grab the viewer’s attention. Some people think all consultants are evil and they offer a lot of reasons why. This presentation takes a humorous look at some of the reasons to why people hate consultants and then makes suggestions on how to recognize the consultants that can actually make a difference. The expressions from the figures are amazing but the positioning of the text on the slides makes the slides and the story even stronger.

Social Media strategy:

Here is a phenomenal use of images to explain the concept of social media strategy. A very inspiring example of a well done presentation, it is an excellent introduction to social media channels. Visualbee too aims at providing an amazing explanation of your concepts through a nicely built presentation. With big self-explanatory pictures and minimal text, this presentation interests the audience with its visuals. 

Simplify your future:

This presentation is simple and effective and doesn’t fail to leave a mark. With just 13 slides, this presentation gives audience the key to simplifying the future. The background images and color contrasted text used gives the presentation a peaceful touch.

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So here were a few more examples of high-impact presentations to help you stir your creativity. Focus on your presentation and content and leave the designing up to Visualbee as we will bring life to your presentation and make them just as amazing as these ones. Keep watching this space for more great examples.

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