FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do if VisualBee disappears from my PowerPoint Ribbon?

If VisualBee disappears from your PowerPoint ribbon please download and run VisualBee Recovery Tool.

If the VisualBee Recovery Tool doesn't work check one of the following guides:

VisualBee Disappears from PowerPoint ribbon

VisualBee Disappears from PowerPoint Ribbon - Customize Ribbon

How can I use VisualBee?

To use VisualBee, first download the software from our website and install it on your computer. After a successful installation, you will find the VisualBee enhancement button in the Ribbon of your PowerPoint application. Open your presentation and start enhancing!

What is VisualBee?

VisualBee is an automatic enhancement tool for PowerPoint presentations. VisualBee analyzes the text and structure of your presentation, and builds a new professionally-designed presentation with the right images, layouts and templates.


Can I reuse my enhanced PowerPoint presentation?

Sure, once you save the enhanced presentation, it is yours. You can reuse, edit, redesign and forward it as often as you like. However, please note the images are copyrighted and you are not allowed to use them beyond your presentation.

Will images of the original presentation be affected by the enhancement?

VisualBee uses the pictures from the original presentation and incorporates new images as well into the new, enhanced PowerPoint presentation.

Can I use my own images in the enhanced presentation?

You can create a whole library of your own images in the Premium version of VisualBee. Please refer to the FAQ dealing with Creating a Premium Image Library.

Can I replace the images of the enhanced PowerPoint presentation?

Click Image to replace or remove an image. 

Can I modify the enhanced presentation after saving it?

Yes. After enhancing your presentation with VisualBee, it is saved in standard PowerPoint format (.pptx). You can alter it as you wish.

Can I modify the enhanced presentation before saving it?

Yes. Before saving the enhanced presentation, you will be shown a preview of all the slides of your personalized PowerPoint presentation. You can replace pictures, layouts, or even restart the process from the beginning. 

In which format is the enhanced presentation?

VisualBee leaves your original PowerPoint as it was and creates a new file which is standard PowerPoint presentation (pptx). You can add, delete, or change items in the enhanced presentation.  

How do I enhance my PowerPoint presentation?

After VisualBee has processed your presentation, you have several options to personalize it.

Click Image to process a picture. You can replace an image automatically or manually select a new one.

Click Layout to replace the design layout of the slide.

Click Animation to change add or remove animation to the slide.

Click Transition to change the way your slides animated.

Click Restore to back to your original slide.


Trouble Guide


Which versions of PowerPoint does VisualBee support?

VisualBee supports Office 2007 and 2010.

Which operating systems does VisualBee support?

VisualBee supports Microsoft  XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems.

Can I reuse the images provided in the enhanced presentation?

VisualBee images are copyrighted and you are not allowed to use them beyond your presentation.

Can I use VisualBee on PowerPoint 2003?

No. VisualBee requires at least PowerPoint 2007. Earlier versions of PowerPoint do not work with VisualBee.


How do I pay for the VisualBee Premium Plan?

VisualBee accepts payments via PayPal and all major credit cards.

Select the payment scheme in Upgrade now! and follow instructions.

Do I have to pay for VisualBee?

VisualBee has 3 user plans:

  • Basic: Use VisualBee to your heart's content, free of charge. This version is limited to 10 slides per PowerPoint presentation.
  • Standard: Take an annual subscription and take full advantage of the VisualBee power for presentation with an unlimited number of slides per PowerPoint presentation
  • Pro: As a power user of PowerPoint VisualBee offers tools such as library from which you can utilize your own images and a logo insertion tool. 


How do I use My Logo?

Click My Logo and select your logo file. It will be displayed on every slide in your enhanced PowerPoint presentations.

How do I use the Premium Image Library?

Click My Images to access My Picture Library. You have several options:

  • Add a New Image to Library: Add a new picture from your local drive.
  • Insert Image to Slide: Click on an image to insert it into the displayed slide. Size and edit the picture by right-clicking on the image and using PowerPoint functions such as "Size and Position", "Format Picture", etc. 
  • Set Image as My Logo: This image will appear on every slide.
  • Edit Image Keywords: Modify or add a description of the picture and keywords which VisualBee uses for search purposes.
  • Delete Image from Library


How do I uninstall VisualBee?

If you want to remove VisualBee from you computer, you may go to Control Panel > Uninstall Programs and find VisualBee Software there.

Is a copy of my presentation saved on VisualBee servers?

No. We do not keep any information from or about your presentation.

Is my presentation text sent over the Internet?

No. The VisualBee application does not send any text or images from your PowerPoint presentation to any location beyond your personal computer.