Create Excellent Free PowerPoint Presentations


Creating free PowerPoint presentations has never been easier nor more fun, and the end result has never been more professional than with VisualBee's new plugin.

free_ppt_presentationCreating exciting and vibrant free PowerPoint presentations is possible with the VisualBee client plugin. Simply download the freemium version of the add-in and be on your way to building sharp, professional and free PowerPoint designs in minutes.

Unlike many other plugins and add-ins, the presentation that you create with our plugin is really yours. Using the PowerPoint designs free of charge that VisualBee gives you access to, you can create your own custom presentation without stubborn and embarrassing URLs, advertisements, or logos. You will not be bogged down by explaining what that tiny web address at the bottom of the slide is or why another company’s logo appears on your master slide. With the VisualBee plugin, keep your PowerPoint designs free of unnecessary clutter.

Free PowerPoint presentations need not be boring or repetitive when you use our plugin to create slides with free PowerPoint designs. Instead of spending valuable time and energy deciding on the best background or theme for a presentation, bring the focus back to your content and purpose by using our free PowerPoint designs. The VisualBee client plugin is simple to download, simple to install and super-simple to use. It integrates seamlessly into your existing PowerPoint program, and when you are ready to use it, simply click the “Enhance Presentation” button integrated into the PowerPoint ribbon. You can start from scratch with a blank slide and choose from a variety of themes like business and finance, legal and education, nature or sports. Each theme comes complete with photos, background designs and font colors that make even the most tedious content interesting.

Choose design templates, animations and images all via the VisualBee client plugin. Users of the freemium version can create and save a total of ten slides, and all users have access to design templates as well as banks of images, icons and slides to customize and create the best free PowerPoint presentations around. The client also allows all users to create slides using their own images, logos and templates, and share their creations on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and SlideShare. Users can enhance slides as many times as necessary, trying out all of VisualBee’s PowerPoint designs free of obligation. Give the download a try today!

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