VisualBee Takes Online PowerPoint Development to the Next Level


VisualBee’s new online PowerPoint creation software heightens both the experience of using PowerPoint but also the product created by using the plugin.

VisualBee can become your own personal graphic designer. In its original version, this plugin takes plain text PowerPoint slides and turns them into professionally polished presentations with just a few clicks of the mouse. VisualBee’s online PowerPoint creation doesn’t stop there though. The company is currently developing a new version that is a stand-alone product, but users will be able to combine with PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Google Docs, and other presentation software programs. Just think—a program that can match your content with the most appealing, attention-grabbing audio and visuals possible, and without having to be a master programmer.

Interested in Trying out this Awesome Online PowerPoint Powerhouse?

online-powerpoint-PresentationVisualBee’s plugin is available for all users to try—for free. Just click here and download the freemium edition. You’ll be able to create 10 premium, unique PowerPoint slides for every presentation totally free of charge. Used up your freemium edition, or ready to really commit? All users can get the Standard edition, great for daily use at work, at church, or for online PowerPoint publication of community events, for $39.90 a year. Need even more than that? Go pro—the VisualBee Professional edition is just $79.90 a year and you can create unlimited PowerPoint slides with your company logo and use your company’s image library.

Does VisualBee use PowerPoint online, or is it through my personal computer?

The VisualBee plugin does not utilize PowerPoint online. The plugin installs directly onto your personal computer and shows up as a small icon on your PowerPoint application’s ribbon.

Can I get help with questions about this PowerPoint online product?

Sure. VisualBee provides online live chat support as well as user guides, FAQs, and direct email contact —completely free.

VisualBee is easy to use, whether you are a beginner or an advanced PowerPoint user. After familiarizing yourself with the plugin’s freemium edition, you will be ready to create award-winning PowerPoint presentations in no time. By the time you get to your Standard edition subscription, you’ll have everyone in the office asking you to make their slides. Ready to start using VisualBee today? Click here!

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