Cool PowerPoint Templates for an Awesome Presentation


Cool PowerPoint templates are just clicks away with the Visual Bee PowerPoint plug-in. Streamline and enhance your message with these dazzling templates.

Cool PowerPoint templates from Visual Bee's PowerPoint plug-in help make your message shine. Professionally designed, these templates have a structure and simplicity built in that complements and enhances the message you are putting forth with your PowerPoint presentation.

The awesome PowerPoint templates available with the plug-in allow for the creation of unique, eye-catching slides that do not distract or take away from the message. Your audience is treated to easy to read, beautiful slides that grab and hold their attention, naturally directing their eyes and attention to your automatically formatted text.

Great PowerPoint Templates Equate a Great Presentation

The standard templates available with PowerPoint are overused to the point of causing eyes to glaze over and the text on them to be either missed or to seem confusing due to the clutter in the background. A great presentation is reliant upon a clear, concise conveyance of the message. This is accomplished with professional structure built in to the format of each and every slide in the presentation. Such slides allow the presenter to seamlessly follow-along and transition from one slide and point to the next. The best PowerPoint templates are frequently the simplest rather than the most colorful or “busy.”

Awesome PowerPoint Templates Made Better

Cool-PowerPoint-TemplatesThe VisualBee plug-in not only offers cool templates, but it is designed to read your text and select the best PowerPoint templates for your presentation. Text is automatically inserted into the slides in ways that make sense and keep the appearance of the slide clean and easy-to-read.

These cool PowerPoint templates also allow for customization and change. Don't like the template selected for you? We offer a wide range of awesome PowerPoint templates to choose from. With just a couple of mouse clicks, the best PowerPoint templates available to PowerPoint users can be transformed into great PowerPoint templates embedded in a powerful presentation.

New PowerPoint Templates and a Great Price

We offer a freemium model with 10 slides with new PowerPoint templates that allows you to give the plug-in a thorough trial before purchase. When you are ready to purchase a fully licensed version, you may do so here. The fully licensed versions, complete with new PowerPoint templates, are available for a low annual fee.

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