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VisualBee was created to help the largest amount of PPT users create online presentation slides easily and with confidence. Learn how to get PPT plugin free!

Need to create an online presentation for that job interview? How about online presentations as part of that safety class at work? Online PowerPoint presentations for school? No matter what type of project presentation you need to make, VisualBee’s PowerPoint slide creator plugin can help. New to online PowerPoint presentations? No problem. VisualBee’s plugin was created with the broadest possible user base in mind, so it doesn’t matter if you are brand new to PPT slides or an experienced user—VisualBee’s plugin can help.

Create a Professional Online Presentation in Minutes!

How do I uscreate-online-presentation-slidese the plugin to make PowerPoint presentation online slides?

Simply download the VisualBee software and install it to your personal computer or laptop. The plugin automatically integrates with your Microsoft PowerPoint application—you’ll know it’s there by the VisualBee button that appears on the MS PPT ribbon. Next, write the text content for your slides. Then, click on the VisualBee button and let the plugin do its job. The plugin will look for the best audio and visuals to enhance your text—that’s it! Once you complete your slides to your satisfaction, you can upload them to your server and they are ready for online presentation.

Is it really that easy to make online presentations? One-click? Really?

Yep. The plugin uses your text, contained in the slides, to find the most appropriate sounds, images, and special effects to compliment your words. The result is a PowerPoint project worthy of any online presentations you could think of. One click—that’s it.

I need to make a series of online PowerPoint presentations for a training class at work. How do I know I can trust the VisualBee plugin?

Hundreds of people use the VisualBee plugin to help them create the most professional PowerPoint presentation online possible. If you want to see the plugin in action, visit the VisualBee website and watch their online demo. Then, when you’re ready, simply download the freemium version of the software and create 10 online PowerPoint presentation slides completely free.

Interested in creating slides for a PowerPoint presentation online but want to use another project presentation software program? No problem. VisualBee is working on a new version of a stand-alone product that takes the current plugin capabilities even further. With the new version, users can create a presentation online; they will also be able to use it with PowerPoint, or with programs such as OpenOffice and Google Docs. Ready to try it out? Get the freemium version here!

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