Choose a PowerPoint Certificate Template to Create Your Own Awards


A PowerPoint certificate template can be extremely useful to those who wish to create a custom-made certificate. See how--and why--to create awesome awards.

Certificate templates for PowerPoint are great ways of creating custom-made certificates to award at the end of a course or school year. They will not only make students feel proud and happy, they will also keep them motivated and excited. Such certificates are great keepsakes that bring back vivid childhood memories.

What is a PowerPoint Certificate Template?

PowerPoint-Certificate-TemplateApart from pride and motivation, these certificates can also provide proof of completion of an educational program. Any educational organization that does not offer an accredited (and, therefore, standardized) certificate can use certificate templates for PowerPoint. Non-accredited colleges and universities, online courses, and various seminars can use a PowerPoint certificate template to create their own award to give out to participants. This way, the students will be able to prove whether they attended a specific curriculum or not.

Private businesses and companies can create “Employee of the Month” awards using a PowerPoint certificate template, which they will award to the most productive employees at the end of each month. There is a great variety of templates to choose from, ranging from formal and businesslike certificates to perkier and more cheerful ones. This is a symbolic, inexpensive way of showing appreciation to loyal and hard-working employees. It is also a great way of creating healthy competition among employees, and boosting workforce morale.

It would be a great idea for volunteer organizations and non-profit foundations to use certificate templates for PowerPoint to create custom-made thank you notes for volunteers and donors that support and promote the organization’s cause. In fact, any group can create a certificate for its most dedicated members. Again, the cost is minimal, but the gesture will appear warm, thoughtful and full of appreciation.

Choosing a PowerPoint certificate template is not a hard thing to do. There are thousands of free templates on the Internet to choose from. All one has to take into consideration is the purpose of the certificate and the message desired. In any case, the VisualBee PowerPoint enhancer will help create the perfect certificate that will suit any need. For anyone wishing to try before buying, VisualBee offers a freemium version that allows users to create up to ten enhanced presentations. Try it today!

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