PowerPoint Games can be set up in Seconds with VisualBee


PowerPoint games look sharp, but building them from scratch can take hours. Use the new VisualBee PowerPoint game templates instead for cutting edge designs!

PowerPoint-GamesPowerPoint games can make a big, positive impression at your next event – but not if they look like they were set up in the dark ages by someone who'd never used a computer before. Don't be that guy. You have a simple choice – you can spend hours working on making your PowerPoint games look good, or you can use PowerPoint game templates to get great results in much less time.

The secret, of course, is VisualBee, the only PowerPoint plug-in that can take a boring presentation and turn it into a polished game template in minutes. The basic plug-in is free to download, with upgrades available for even more versatility and PowerPoint game templates.

If you try it for even a few minutes, you'll quickly see how VisualBee can make a big difference in the final look and feel of your games without dramatically adding on to the amount of time it takes to put a game together.

VisualBee lets you focus on the questions and content of your games without making you worry about the graphics as you go. When you're finished writing the content of your slides, the PowerPoint quiz template takes your questions and drops them into a polished game design. You can then customize your PowerPoint games to your audience with graphics suitable for kids, church groups, or adults.

Take the Family Feud PowerPoint template as an example. Using VisualBee, you just type your questions and answer choices into a blank PowerPoint deck. Then you activate the Family Feud PowerPoint template on the VisualBee ribbon, which will analyze your blank deck and match it with relevant graphics and design enhancements. You choose what looks best to you, click your mouse on your choice, and the Family Feud PowerPoint template does all the heavy lifting to make your questions look great.

For a simple quiz night, just pick the PowerPoint quiz template. This is one of the PowerPoint game templates that will really save you time before a pub quiz or business trivia event by automatically pulling in relevant graphics and smoothing the transition between questions and answers. You'll be able to focus on thinking up great and fun questions instead of slaving over how to make the slide advance correctly and look good for the game.

As you can see, PowerPoint games can be a snap when you have the right tools installed. All you need to do is download the VisualBee PowerPoint plug-in—it’s free!—to make your games and quizzes more interesting and attractive. From a simple PowerPoint quiz template to the more advanced Family Feud templates, VisualBee can give you an edge in using PowerPoint to entertain and amuse anyone you want.

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