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Designing PowerPoint Slides With VisualBee


PowerPoint slides are made up of visuals as well as text. The VisualBee plugin is now available to visually enhance any PowerPoint presentation!

slide-projectorThe images on PowerPoint slides are almost as important as the content in the presentation. Each one should be outfitted with its own image in order to keep the audience engaged. PowerPoint design slides are included within the PowerPoint program; but these PowerPoint slide designs are very generic and not always appropriate in regards to all audiences. VisualBee has, in response, developed a PowerPoint slide design plugin in order to help users with the visual elements of their presentations.

The VisualBee plugin will scan each PowerPoint slide of the presentation and choose the most appropriate PowerPoint slide designs for the content. There is even a freemium option that allows users to view the plugin’s visual design slides and use the PowerPoint slide design plugin to create up to ten PowerPoint slides. The content of these PowerPoint slides will be written by the users and outfitted with PowerPoint slide designs by the plugin based on that content. This takes away the hassle of having to choose the most appropriate and engaging PowerPoint slide design for the user. Each slide will be scanned and outfitted with its own image in order to avoid visual repetition within the presentation. After the plugin has scanned the uploaded the PowerPoint presentation, the PowerPoint design slides it produces are sure to be pleasing to the user.

Who Can Use These PowerPoint Slides?

This plugin has been designed in order to be used by anyone who needs his or her presentation to be visually enhanced. The plugin is user friendly and does not have complicated steps to follow. In fact, this plugin was designed with the purpose of taking away the needless hassle of choosing images.

The VisualBee website’s freemium version encourages PowerPoint users to test their PowerPoint design slides service for themselves. Instead of spending time grumbling over which images to choose, users can save both time and energy by using this plugin. This plugin has also been designed for a wide audience. This audience includes everyone from high school students to business personnel. The plugin can also be used on occasion or regularly, depending on each user’s personal needs. The VisualBee plugin aims to make creating presentations and detailing them a much easier task. Now, you are sick of using PowerPoint as a whole and would like to give something new a try, we can highly recommend creating PowerPoint slides with the new emaze presentation tool. Not sure which one to go for? Just try them both :-)

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