Using the PowerPoint Timeline Template in a Time Management Presentation


The PowerPoint timeline template allows its users to add highly relevant information to presentations regarding history, memorable events and even milestones.

PowerPoint-Timeline-TemplateThe PowerPoint timeline template can be a very helpful and effective tool for use in any time management presentation. It enables the user to effectively add data regarding phases of any project requiring time management. The visual presentation of the information aids the audience in grasping the concept of how each element of the project must be addressed and when. Visual aids such as timelines have been proven to be powerful tools in teaching and in stimulating the process that secures input into the memory center of the human brain.

The VisualBee plug-in used with the PowerPoint timeline template not only enhances the time management presentation by automatically inserting the text for the user, but it is an important tool of time management because of the auto-insert feature. Once the text is created, VisualBee will scan it and not only select an appropriate template, but also the data will be auto-inserted into the appropriate places. This saves the user immeasurable time in creating a time management presentation.

The VisualBee software acts as a virtual graphic designer, helping the user quickly and easily create eye-catching, easy-to-follow timelines. With the data automatically inserted, the finished product can be completed with only a couple of mouse clicks. If the auto-selected slide or format does not match the user's needs or desires, it takes only a couple of additional mouse clicks to select another slide or move data.

What better way to teach about time management for a project than to use a time management product in the presentation? The timeline template can also be used for tracking progress on any given project, with updating the data being an easy few mouse clicks away.

Do you want to try out the PowerPoint timeline template with the VisualBee plug-in? We offer a freemium model that includes 10 slides so users can create a full, short presentation in order to try out the benefits and perks of the software. Those wanting to upgrade may do so here for a small annual fee.

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