The VisualBee Advantage


With a Single Click

VisualBee is so easy to use. Just insert your desired content to a blank PowerPoint presentation and press "enhance presentation". The VisualBee PowerPoint plugin (add-in) will index the content of your PowerPoint presentation and will create a professional and effective showcase.


Keep Your Own Style

Select the style and feel of your enhanced presentation – classic, formal, colorful, artistic or extreme. Each style will provide a distinct new design – background, types of images, color combinations, styles and everything else that makes up a successful presentation.
You can choose to keep the design of your original PowerPoint presentation and VisualBee will add backgrounds and images, in order to create a professional cohesive presentation.



Complete Control

You have total control over your final presentation. Before purchasing the presentation, you can review each slide and modify its content and design as you see fit. You can select alternative images, change the colors, or modify the layouts. Remember - it's your presentation. VisualBee is here only to assist you create your desired PowerPoint presentation.


Take the Credit

The final enhanced presentation is yours to keep and use. It is a regular PowerPoint presentation, so feel free to take the credit for its great look and feel.