How to Give a Presentation


Learn how to give a presentation using PowerPoint presentation software along with VisualBee's dynamic software plug-in. Automatic features save time.

Learning how to give a presentation can feel to some to be a daunting task, but once the basics are understood, it is a relatively quick and easy process. Giving presentations is made infinitely easier when tools such as PowerPoint presentation software and VisualBee's plug-in are utilized. They enable the presenter to have organized material, to have ready-to-go handouts and to be more focused on what material is important and relevant, and what material is not.

How to Prepare a Presentation

The first step in giving presentations is learning how to prepare a presentation. The best method for how to prepare a presentation is to focus on the point of the presentation. Is it to teach or to inform? What are the things that must be conveyed? Once this is discerned, it is simply a matter of creating that text and inputting it into the presentation software.

How to Write a Presentation

The next step in giving presentations is learning how to write a presentation. One trick of the trade is to write the entire thing first in a word processing program such as MS Word that includes both spell-check and grammar check. It looks unprofessional and can call credibility into question when there are typos and glaring grammatical errors in a presentation.

The next step is to take that material and to organize it into smaller, concise segments that will fit into presentation slides without making them feel cluttered or overwhelming to the audience. They must also be easy for the presenter to follow. Remember that both presenter and those in the back row of the audience must be able to clearly read the text on the slides, necessitating keeping the amount of text on each be kept to a minimum so a larger font may be used. It also means needing to use non-distracting slides, which is where the professionally designed slides of VisualBee come into play. These slides are specially created to focus attention on the message-not the colors and design of the slide.

How to do a Presentation

The next step in learning how to give a presentation is to learn how to do a presentation. This involves learning how to control tone of voice, projection of voice and how to calm nerves. Speech should be clear, evenly paced and in a voice loud enough that those in the back row can clearly hear every word. It sometimes helps people to practice giving the presentation with the use of a metronome, though care must be taken not to be so trained with its rhythm that the speech comes off as mechanical and robotic. The purpose of the metronome is to learn pace and to slow down. Nervousness tends to cause people to speak far too quickly.

The Final Step in How to Give a Presentation

Once you've learned how to write a presentation and how to do a presentation, the only thing left is to make sure it’s all put into PowerPoint and VisualBee's plug-in. Our VisualBee plug-in can be tried free, with a full ten-slide trial. Once the features have been explored, the fully licensed version may be purchased for a small annual fee.

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